Premium Computer Dealership

Our mission is to organize the world’s virtual where products and services are provided by suppliers and sold by multiple third parties. Our service of Request for Quotation (RFQ) provided to you is not intended to be a Purchase Order (PO) you place to the supplier that you choose, or to provide available items with prices. We mainly display on Castorview high end items that don’t include a visible price tag, the first step may be a Request For Quotation (RFQ).

The customer will visit, request for quotation from vendors about a service or product, and in exchange, they get a quote on the price. Depending on the type of business the vendor runs, that quote could be firm, or it could be flexible. In either case, the quote may or may not be accepted by the customer. If it is accepted, that means that they understand the price the vendor has quoted, and are agreeing to pay it in exchange for the service or product described. If it is not accepted, a couple things can happen. They can choose to look elsewhere for their needs; or they can attempt to negotiate a new price quote with the vendor.

Price quotes can often change as you learn more information. For example, if you quote a customer a price on materials for a construction project, and then learn that they need far more materials than they estimated, the price quote will likely increase.